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White and blue STRAPS

pink, BLUE & orange faces.



Our straps are hard-wearing siliconE - soft & strong.




All components are stainless steel - as per functionality and being designed for all-round use, in and out of the water. our cases are thoroughly tested during the manufacturing process to comply with the rigours THEY were designed FOR.


yyelo watches carry a 24-month defect warranty, dated from the day of purchase. The warranty covers all possible material and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover wear and tear or battery life. Incorrect or abusive use of watches. all implied warranties are limited to the 24-month limited warranty. certain states In the USA exclude limited warranties and purchasers may have certain rights as stipulated in respective states.



Our watches are 10-atm waterproof - 100M. 10-atm refers to the level of pressure a watch can withstand, without letting in water. our watches can therefore withstand 10-times the pressure as measured at sea level, without letting in water. typically this level of pressure translates to being able to dive to 100m. underwater. surfing however produces an incrementally higher level of pressure given the force of a wave UNDER WATER. It would however have to be a significant wave size to produce the equivalent level of pressure. clearly - our watches are not intended for tHis level of extreme use...nor is your body!!   









case size - 38.5mm

strap size - 22mm wide and 45mm wide at the top of the face.

holes - 11 holes and intended to fit all sizes of wrist. the watch faces are however quite big and bulky - purposely to match the big way life should be lived! 

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