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  • Can I swim/shower/surf with my watch?
    Yes! Our watches comprise stainless steel components that have been 10ATM certified - that is, can withstand the waterpressure, without leaking, up to at least 10x Atmosphere pressure at sea level. Simply, waterproof up to 100m underwater. It always best to rinse your YYELO watch in fresh water after you have been in the ocean or pool.
  • Do your watches carry a warranty?
    Yes! A 24-month warranty exists against all defects and materials. Wear and tear is not covered. Plse read more on the warranty section. Link
  • Are all your watch straps silicone - do you have other strap materials?
    No! We decided to only use silicone material as it meets our very rigourous strength criteria. Silicone is also the only material that lends itself to that 'squichy' soft feeling that reminds us of summer, water and fun...even far from the beach or dark winter days.
  • Are your watches just for surfing?
    No, certainly not! Our watches are for living! We are from a surfing background and since we're in the water every day, had to create a watch we can use without consideration for surfing, swimming or showering. We are also from a running, triathlon and ultra distance background and still run everyday - our watches are therefore for living, but have a love for the water!! Our watches are also meant to serve as a reminder of what you do when you're at school, university or at the office. It's kind of a part of your real life...even when that takes a little break over school or work time! Our watches are for living!
  • Where is YYELO Watches based?
    We are Melbourne, Australia, based and ship internationally for online shoppers. YYELO also has global distribution points for our physical stores in the USA (San Clemente), Australia (Melbourne and South Africa (Cape Town).
  • YYELO metal/material specifications?
    We use 316L marine grade stainless steel for our cases, crown, buckle and other steel components. This is marine environment grade steel comprising 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybenum. Unfortunately concentration of chlorise in sea water varies and certain environments may be more corrosive than others. Rinsing after use in the ocean or clorinated water and basic maintenance is therefore always a good idea. Our warranty therefore does not cover wear and tear and if you leave a watch in salt water, usual corrosion will take place.
  • What movement do you use?
    Our watches are intended for durability and we accordingly use Swiss made 763 Ronda movement in all our watches. This movement has a 40 month battery life which is easily replaceable after this time by ourselves or any qualified watch repairer.
  • What is the typical life span of YYELO batteries?
    Typically 40 months (3 years and 4 months). These watches are replaceable at this time by ourselves or any qualified watch repairer.
  • What is the YYELO mission, purpose and idea?"
    Our mission is to offer high quality products - functionally and aesthetically - that will fit into an active beach lifestyle and culture. We are from a sporting background and have always struggled to find a suitable watch - never found a watch that looks good, excudes energy and is tough enough to endure our lifestyle. Our mission, purpose and intention to keep developing watches that are simply impossible to live without.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We offer free express shipping across Australia. We offer free DHL Express shipping globally on all international deliveries. Typical Australia delivery timelines are 1-3 business days Typical USA delivery time 5-7 days. Typical Europeen delivery time 7 days. Typical South African delivery time 7-10 days.
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